Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I wonder why publishing peoples personal details, and histories has become such a common phenomenon in the internet. Why people think that a total stranger is going to want to know that Jeff Brown form Indianna likes beef jerky. Why do people want to put themseleves, in all their intimacy out there for the discrimination of the general public?Hmmmmm...I'm not too sure.
The internets accessability is probably it best and worst feature, in that it encompasses everything that one could ever want to know... and so, so much more. The fact that anyone can publish on the net is what is responsible for the information overload the we all experience when using it. What is more, there dosen't seem to be any kind of filtering system to gouvern what types of work get published, and as a result one term will pull up thousands of articles, many of which the author does have any more of a knowledge of than you or I. I am a good example of this. I really am not any more qualified to publish my 2cents about the internet than anyone else (who is in no way qualified the area of internet theory) however I publish my opinions regardless... because I can. If this were a web site, and someone was looking for really enlightening information on the internet, their search would no doubt pull up my sight (Along with some great ones I'm sure). The internet is a great information resorce however finding great information is abit like finding proverbial diamons in the proverbial rough.
One of the benefits and drawbacks of the wide
accessability of the internet is the fact that anyone
can exhibit their works on it. Ofcourse this is good
because it gives artists who (for whatever reasons) have
been excluded from the art world, the opportunity to
show their works. The drawback is that the internet is
literally flooded with aspiring artsits, that could not
get thier work exhibited anywhere else (often for an
obvious reason). I can't be bothered looking up art on
the internet just because I know I am going to have to
trawl through so much crap before I come accross
anything that I like.