Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I wonder why publishing peoples personal details, and histories has become such a common phenomenon in the internet. Why people think that a total stranger is going to want to know that Jeff Brown form Indianna likes beef jerky. Why do people want to put themseleves, in all their intimacy out there for the discrimination of the general public?Hmmmmm...I'm not too sure.
The internets accessability is probably it best and worst feature, in that it encompasses everything that one could ever want to know... and so, so much more. The fact that anyone can publish on the net is what is responsible for the information overload the we all experience when using it. What is more, there dosen't seem to be any kind of filtering system to gouvern what types of work get published, and as a result one term will pull up thousands of articles, many of which the author does have any more of a knowledge of than you or I. I am a good example of this. I really am not any more qualified to publish my 2cents about the internet than anyone else (who is in no way qualified the area of internet theory) however I publish my opinions regardless... because I can. If this were a web site, and someone was looking for really enlightening information on the internet, their search would no doubt pull up my sight (Along with some great ones I'm sure). The internet is a great information resorce however finding great information is abit like finding proverbial diamons in the proverbial rough.
One of the benefits and drawbacks of the wide
accessability of the internet is the fact that anyone
can exhibit their works on it. Ofcourse this is good
because it gives artists who (for whatever reasons) have
been excluded from the art world, the opportunity to
show their works. The drawback is that the internet is
literally flooded with aspiring artsits, that could not
get thier work exhibited anywhere else (often for an
obvious reason). I can't be bothered looking up art on
the internet just because I know I am going to have to
trawl through so much crap before I come accross
anything that I like.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

The Internet's implications for Culture!
The internet is supposibly this democratizing, egalitarian arena in which anyone has the access to anything, information, discourses, culture- Knowledge. Of course, as we all know, anyone living in extreme poverty (which a lot of the world's population are) does not have internet access, thus they are excluded from the "World" wide web, However, for the rest of us, the internet has opened up domains of knowledge that we would otherwise have little access to. For many, the real art world, seems imtimidating, elitists and exclusive. As a consequence, I'm sure many, feel alienated form the art world and from art. Does the internet break down these art stereotypes. In art that can be viewed on the internet seem more accessible, less pretentious. Has the internet, made art that does appeal to a wider variety of audiences, a more popular option for artists. I like to think so as anyone can access ultra-cool animations and graphics that no doubt inspire them.

So, has this little though got you in the mood for some internet Eye-candy? If so, you can get your fix here:

Do people really use the internet as an arena for role
play to it's full potential? Do they want to? I don't
know. I have been in a few chat rooms and one of the
first things I always get asked no matter what my screen
identity, is: a/s/l

It's almost as though users want to pin me down to my
biology before they interact with me. Of course what's
to stop me making it up.

I also see those introductory questionaires pointless,
they seem to defeat the purpose of chatting on line as
they (are supposed to) limit your experience to your
real identity. For example, When I tried chatting, I was
continually frustrated by the spohisticated, rich and
experienced 30 somthings (read 11 yr old boys) with
screen names like "CockMan2000" interrupting my
conversations, with invitiations of cyber sex. Thanks

The one place free from this kind of disturbances was
"The Park's" Man to Man room. I had some really amusing
and interesting conversations there. Technically I
wasn't a gay man, however I never lied, the issue of my
sex never arose. after a few months, "The park"
introduced those questionaires that you had to fill out
before you could enter. I stupidly diddn't sign up as
being "Transgendered" and as a coincidence did not have
access to half the chatrooms. Is it just me, or does
having to sign up under your RL identity rather defeat
the purpose of VR chatting?

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Ok, time to get serious as I realise that this blog is actually for assesment.
Though maybe me taking the piss has a serious agenda... that is of showing up the irony of the highly personalised nature of some peoples web pages in such an annonomous, impersonal space (the internet).

...yessss that was it.

No seriously, I am always amused by the details that people include in thier own web pages. Even the fact that they have created pages about themselves in the first place is somewhat strange. Anyone can access the vital stats on a person, - where they are from, what they look like, what type of music they are into.... Just the fact that there is no screen on who can access these vital stats, is what I find odd. The only equavilent that I could think of in everyday life, would be tossing thousands of photocopied sheets of paper, with photo's, and information about myself into the street, There, they can be picked up by any passer-by. Anyone can get the low down on this "Annabel" character at a glance.
I wonder why there is this need in so many, to put themselves "out there" in the multi-faceless darkness of the world wide web?

Another thing that interests me in the "persoanlised" services that the internet provides. Everything from weightloss programmes to matchmaking services are out there, Promising an individualised product that caters to each users specific needs. Of course, the product is always limited to it's criteria.
My most recent brush with such a phenomonon was Richard Simmons' Personal Challenge!

By entering a few key statistics, Richard Simmons can supposbily assess wherther our entire lifestyle and carb intake need an overhaul, via his latest series of inspirational aerobics videos...Yay!
These type of services have the effect of reducing down unique individuals into key statistics, and then providing all with the same homogonised product. Is the internet really catering for or reducing our individual needs!

You too can fail at:--->

Personal Challenge

Sunday, August 25, 2002

What is postmodernism? This site helped me out------> postmodernism

Sunday, August 18, 2002

no, that diddn't work...I'll try that again:

John Burger
here are some art historians that are also my heroes!

mathew collings
Well, that was sucessful!

here is the Art theory web page.

I am the blonde one-

Art history theory
this is my 5th attempt to publish something blog style.

My name is Annabel and I go to art school.